23 Sep - 10:00

Private Function, engagement party in Brisbane for Beau

29 Sep - 16:00

The Mercantile at the Rocks

30 Sep - 16:00

Private function, Wedding on Terara Riverside Gardens for Danielle Benton

1 Oct - 03:00

Geers and Beers Festival

7 Oct - 13:00

Terrigal Florida Beach Crown Plaza

14 Oct - 00:00

The Mercantile at the Rocks

22 Oct - 15:00

Private Functions, Wedding in Bulli for Emma and Peter

28 Oct - 12:30

Private Function, Wedding in Mexico for Charlie

4 Nov - 13:00

Private booking, wedding for Matt & Laura, Newcastle

5 Nov - 13:00

Terrigal Florida Beach Crown Plaza

11 Nov - 17:00

Private function, Wedding for Beth and Andrew at Pacific Palms Surf Club

18 Nov - 18:00

Private Function, engagement for Kara Tambree at Cronulla Golf Club

19 Nov - 16:30

Private Function at Double Bay Bowling Club for Nicky Cadry

2 Dec - 16:30

Private function for Kali Emma, Byron Bay area (Bangalow) at Forget me not

9 Dec - 18:00

Private Function, Wedding in Byron Bay for Tamara

15 Dec - 20:00

Byron Bay Brewery

16 Dec - 12:00

Private Function, Portarlington, for Kristy

19 Jan - 17:30

Private Function, Wedding in Watsons Bay, Dunbar House for Mel Fryer & Sian Mclaren

2 Feb - 04:30

Private Function, Wedding for Drew Wales in wedding in the Centennial Park

24 Feb - 14:30

Private function. Wedding in Kangaroo Valley for Kate Pickering

3 Mar - 16:00

Private Function, Wedding for Ashley and Dan at Forget me Not Weddings, Byron Bay

10 Mar - 16:30

Private Function, Wedding in Terrigal for Luke Russell and Emily Watson

18 Mar - 04:30

Private Booking for Tamara in Byron

14 Apr - 06:00

The Farm, Byron Bay



Romi is a singer song writer who’s left his academic life behind to work on his passion for music. The linguistics postgraduate left 10 years of university and 6 years of teaching had his life unravel it’s true meaning in May 2014.And for the last for 3 years he has been gigging nationally and internationally doing public and private events.

With influences such as Shakey Graves, Bon Iver and Matt Corby, Romi has developed his own unique sound with an alluring combination of folk, indie and heartfelt acoustic. The distinctive personality and ambience he brings to his performances draws crowds that cover the streets and often inspire listeners to break out in dance.


instagram Instagram #romisounds